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Customer FAQ’s

Do you sell or Rent hospital furniture?

Medical instruments do you sell or rent

Both Medical disposable related to medical instruments are not rented only sold.

In which conditions patient is recommended Oxygen Cylinder and Concentrator.

One of the major advantage of OC is no need of oxygen refilling, so you can avoid person coming home repeatedly. It is always recommended to keep one cylinder as a stand by while using Oc. During electric disruption it will help. Moreover, depending on oxygen requirement it is decided.

How long it will take to deliver after confirmation

We try to supply within 24 hours

How much safe is your rental furniture and medical instruments

We do regular sanitization of our office and Godown. Before delivery all items are sterilized by antimicrobial.

How do you receive payment

We prefer online payment before delivery or else cash on delivery Imps, neft, Gpay, Paytm, Rupey any mode you can use. Online payment is acceptable only before delivery and renewal of rental items.