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Who We Are

Icosano is a home healthcare service provider with wound care specialization for patients at home. Our organisation is a team of experienced professionals from healthcare segment having more than a decade in hands on nursing, selling of home health care products & wound dressing, and heath care marketing and management. At present almost 100 skilled registered nurse working in Kolkata city to provide home health care service. Prompt delivery of hospital furniture and medical instrument at home in Kolkata. Icosano is supported by experienced Nursing Head and Doctor for home healthcare.

The company was set up to provide an exclusive service related to home healthcare and also wound care AT HOME viz. bedsore treatment at home/pressure ulcer treatment, diabetic foot ulcer treatment, chronic wound treatment using negative pressure wound therapy, DVT treatment. Hospital Furniture, Medical Instruments, Nursing Service at Home.

Our Belief

It is our belief that home healthcare or wound care needs specialization, which goes beyond the skills and knowledge of normal nursing and definitely beyond the capabilities of ayas and midwives.

These services are normally the exclusive domain of specialized surgeons and doctors. Unfortunately, it is difficult for doctors to be available at home of patients routinely to ensure proper care of wounds. We at Icosano have created a team of very highly skilled home care specialist trained and experienced in wound management, the healing process, and the selection and use of effective home health; wound care products and devices using evidence based protocols.

What we provide

Icosano Home health care specialists.

Wound specific evidence based treatment protocol.

Alternatives and suggestions to hasten wound healing and complications using other support surfaces and devices.

Education regarding self-monitoring of signs and symptoms of complications, how to manage the wound in the home and how to prevent future wounds from occurring.

Real time communication with patient treating consultant using state of the art software other tools regarding the patient’s progress toward healing as well as treatment options for wounds that are difficult to heal.

Our well-trained nurses attend to patients on call. We provide specific instruments related to wound care or home health care e.g. Negative pressure wound therapy or wound irrigator, disposable dressings etc. which are used/supplied on the doctors’ recommendations only. We also provide different types and sizes of wound accessories.

We specialize in Bedsore treatment also known as pressure ulcer treatment and chronic wound treatment such as diabetic foot ulcer treatment AT HOME with similar level of professional expertise and care as in hospital settings.

We do not have any emergency service for accidental wounds.

All services are provided with a proper plan and monitoring system as per patient condition and strictly under doctor recommendation.
We provide all infrastructure needed to support the patients’ needs from furniture to medical instruments.