Oxygen concentrator

An oxygen concentrator is a device that concentrates the oxygen from a gas supply (typically ambient air) to supply an oxygen-enriched gas stream. Oxygen Concentrators typically use pressure swing adsorption (PSA) technology and are used very widely for oxygen provision in healthcare applications.

An element concentrator (Oxygen Concentrator) will be used for people Who could have low blood element levels. The Oxygen Concentrator pulls elements from the encircling air and helps in obtaining the element an individual may have. An Oxygen Concentrator/ Portable Oxygen Concentrator uses the air near to filter element and is that the best answer for element provide reception. If you are going to buy thinking about having an oxygen concentrator on rent in Kolkata – it is better to have a basic level of idea about how it works.

Oxygen concentrators offer supplementary O2 for patients with chronic clogging respiratory organ unwellness (COPD) and, in higher concentrations, for severe chronic hypoxemia and respiratory organ swelling. Oxygen Concentrators square measure generally used as stationary sources to supply semipermanent O medical aid (LTOT) to patients’ reception.

Below, we’ve tried to answer some of our clients’ queries – consider having a look at them… They can also help you if you want to have an Oxygen concentrator on rent:

Portable Oxygen Concentrator On Rent

Still, a POC could help you live a hassle-free, healthier lifestyle – If you are floundering with severe COPD and you have low oxygen situations in your blood.

People who necessitate oxygen therapy are choosing Portable Oxygen Concentrator because they allow them to endure keeping up their standard and caliber of life. ICOSANO is offering modern Portable Oxygen Concentrator On Rent all over Kolkata.

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An Oxygen Concentrator is not the same issue as an Oxygen Tank that delivers liquid or gas. The concentrator could be a machine that pulls within the air around you and filters out the chemical element. A skinny tube runs from the device to your face, supplying you with sublimate gas through 2 open prongs below your nostrils.

If requires you may consider having an Oxygen Concentrator for hire. But there are a few things to keep in mind. 

Deciding to use an Oxygen Concentrator while not a prescription will cause serious health issues, like Oxygen toxicity caused by receiving an excessive amount of Oxygen. It may cause a delay in receiving treatment for serious conditions like COVID-19.

For the 15% of inflamed folks who increase mild to intense COVID-19 and are admitted to the medical institution for some days and require Oxygen Concentrator, the common recuperation time levels among 3 to 6 weeks.