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IOCOSANO is a leading establishment for all types of home care services which include Home Nursing services in Kolkata, Wound Management services, Mobility Care services & mobility care equipment, serious continued Old Age patient care facilities, and so on. ICOSANO is one of the leading suppliers for all types of Medical Equipment on rent in Kolkata. Read more to explore more service & products related information. 

home nursing services in kolkata

ICOSANO is well known for its quality services be it Home Nursing services in Kolkata or other services like wound management, bedsore treatment, disinfection services, mobility care, and many more to explore.

Nursing Services

Providing competent care in your home. Our home nursing services in Kolkata help manage chronic health conditions to avoid unnecessary hospital stays.

Hospital Furniture

We are suppliers of hospital furniture and medical equipment on rent in Kolkata including hospital beds, Overbeds, Medical Cabinets, Food Table and so on.

Medical Equipment

ICOSANO is providing all types of medical equipment within a very affordable price range, it is also a trustable name for any medical equipment on rent in Kolkata. 

Wound Management

Connect with our team to experience quality wound management and home nursing services in Kolkata, qualified and experienced people to handle critical patients carefully - now, all these facilities are available in your own city, grab it and save your beloveds.


Other Services

Our disinfection services in Kolkata is securing your home with optimum patient care at the best rates that include sustained care and protection Antimicrobial, Antiviral, and Antifungal protection. We also supply PPT kits in emergency demand.


Mobility Care

Mobility Care Services give a full vary of incapacity merchandise. External & internal rails, key safes, ramped diversifications, stairlifts, steps, and more. Connect with our experts anytime to get instant assistance about any service-related query.

Medical Equipment on rent in Kolkata

Facing an emergency medical condition? Need instant assistance from experts? Connect with an experienced supplier of medical equipment on rent in Kolkata – team ICOSANO will assist you to select the best Medical Equipment respectively according to your need and budget range. Explore the quality of products we supply. ICOSANO deals with almost every medical equipment for rent and hospital furniture that you can also take on rent, that includes Oxygen Concentrator, Hospital bed, Wheelchair, BiPAP Machine, Fowler and Semi fowler – Motorized Hospital Beds, and so on. Connect with us to get the fastest delivery after quality test – connect to buy or have any of our Medical Equipment on rent in Kolkata. 


A nebulizer turns liquid medicine into a mist to help treat your asthma. They come in electric or battery-run versions. We offer Portable Nebulizer for sale and Rent.


Digital BP Machine

It is an advanced blood pressure Monitor with MDI Technology. You can check your blood pressure Accurately on regular basis with ease and comfort at Home. Cuff digital BP Machine for sale and Rent


Thermal Gun

They're occasionally called IR thermometers or ray thermometers as a ray is used to help aim the thermometer, or non-contact thermometers, or temperature ordnance, to describe the device's capability to measure temperature from a distance.


A good quality wheelchair gives you the freedom to be Independent and feel free to at least move around freely. Explore with us, the lowest wheelchair price in Kolkata.


BiPAP Machine

ICOSANO is a pioneer between Bipap machine suppliers in Kolkata. Connect now to get quality assistance in an emergency and more information on our services and charges for products. 


Oxygen Concentrator

Connect with ICOSANO to get good quality oxygen concentrator on rent in Kolkata. With proper assistance and a home delivery facility we offer the best possible way to help our customers. Explore more to know about oxygen concentrators or clients' queries.

Hospital Bed

Supplying quality Hospital Bed on rent in Kolkata, that includes Full Fowler, Semi Fowler, Motorized 5 Function ICU Bed. With an affordable price range, professional assistance, and quality assurance, ICOSANO is a complete package. Connect for more medical equipment.


CPAP machine

The life expectation of a CPAP machine differs grounded on the specific piece of outfit. In general, CPAP machines are used for roughly three to five times. CPAP masks, still, should be replaced several times per time.


Patient Monitors

The multiparameter monitors are designed to give the number of information on one screen and hence provide multiple information that is needed to understand the patient's condition. It has emerged as a monitor to offer flexible solutions for varying critical care needs.