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Our organization is a team of experienced professionals from the healthcare segment having more than a decade in hands-on home nursing services in Kolkata, selling of home healthcare products/medical equipment & wound dressing, and healthcare marketing and management.

Medical equipment

Icosano is providing all types of home medical equipment


Nursing services

Providing competent care in your home.

Home ICU setup

Critical care at home.

Wound management

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Hospital furniture

We are suppliers of modern hospital furniture at home

Mobility care

Mobility care services give a full vary of incapacity...

Other services

Our disinfection services in Kolkata...
medical equipment

Medical equipment

ICOSANO is providing all types of medical...

Our products

With home care or home nursing services in Kolkata ICOSANO is a reputed and trusted supplier for all types of medical equipment on rent in Kolkata. This establishment offers both sales and rental services for all types of medical equipment and hospital furniture in Kolkata that include Oxygen concentrator, Hospital Bed, Wheelchair, Bipap Machine, Food Table, Saline (IV) Stand, Foam Mattress, and there are many more to explore. Connect our helpline number to get complete assistance from our experts, 365days.

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