Home healthcare service provider

We are a team of skilled professionals from the healthcare segment headquartered in Kolkata with hands-on experience of more than a decade in home care products and services. Our aim is to bring accessibility and affordability to home patients for quality healthcare services that often go missing in most healthcare facilities
in our country.

Think home care, think Icosano

Icosano provides all types of medical products and services for home use


Nursing Services

The best trained nurses for your home patient under one roof.

Home ICU Setup

One of the first companies to bring critical care to your doorstep in the country.

Wound Management

Quality wound care services for faster healing at home.

Hospital Furniture

Better equipped hospital furniture at affordable prices.

Mobility Care

Specialised mobility care products and services with proven track record.

Other Services

Auxiliary medical services like disinfection, sanitisation and sterilisation.
medical equipment

Medical Equipment

Best products for your monitoring and treatment needs ensuring great accuracy and technical expertise.

Our products

Icosano is a reputed and trusted supplier for all types of medical equipment in the eastern region of India. This establishment offers both sales and rental services for all types of medical equipment and hospital furniture that include oxygen concentrators, hospital beds, wheelchairs, Bipap machines, food tables, saline (IV) stands, foam mattresses, and many more that we keep adding to our portfolio. Connect on our helpline number to get complete assistance from our experts.

Words from customers

We’re on a morning-to-evening to react promptly to your service needs, don’t hesitate to-call.

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