ECG, Disinfection and other services

Disinfection services

Securing your home with optimum patient care at the best rates that include sustained care and protection Antimicrobial, Antiviral, and Antifungal protection. Anti Microbial Room Sterilization by Icosano:

  • Dusting and Mopping
  • Floor Sanitization
  • Fumigation with 3rd Gen solution for Clean Air
  • Sterilization of Medical instruments/furniture

ECG test & instant report at your doorstep

  • Instant delivery of reports on your smartphone.
  • Immediate certification by a physician.
  • Highly accurate AI integrated system.

Restraining strap for patient

  • For elderly psychiatric, paralytic patients, post-operative patients.
  • Locking ankle & wrist with bed by the restraining strap.