Who we are:

Icosano is your one-stop solution for every home healthcare need. We help you stay close to your loved ones who are recovering from a surgery, illness or accident by providing state of the art medical facilities, doctor supervision and care at home that match those at the top medical facilities in India.

We work with the goal of reducing dependability on hospitals and medical institutions to ensure quality healthcare products and services at home at affordable pricing.

Additionally, we are proactive in incorporating the latest technology like AI monitoring, automated notification system for timely diagnosis by doctors and instant reporting in our workflow to ensure that our patients don’t lose out on the best facilities in the healthcare market. Think innovation in the medical field, think Icosano.

What we provide:

ICOSANO is a home healthcare provider with the largest medical warehouse and showroom in Kolkata. Starting from home ICU setup, we provide critical care services by means of trained critical care nurses and some of the top doctors in the city on call. We additionally provide hospital furniture and medical equipment for patients who either don’t want to or cannot spend those extra days in the hospital due to high cost.

Once a patient is stable, we arrange for mobility care & physiotherapist along with aids. We also provide pressure injury management and wound care services through regular assessment at home.

We believe in transparency and prefer that the patient party pay us a visit at our showroom/warehouse to take a look at the range of equipment and accessories that we provide before deciding to purchase/rent them. We are always open to educating the patient party about each of them.

From something as basic as disposable items to advanced equipment like ventilators are all kept under one roof for ease of accessibility and decision-making. Hygiene and infection control are areas of paramount importance to us. Additionally, our nursing head is present during your visit to help you get the best possible solution for your home patient.

Lastly, we are in the process of incorporating customised workflow for patient-specific needs and very soon, we will be launching remote monitoring of patients at home.

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