Electrical 2 functions bed

Electrically operated bed with head side & leg side lifting through remote. The height stays fixed.  

Motorised 5 function ICU bed

Motorised bed with head side & leg side lifting as well as tilting, height adjustability from floor, Trendelenburge and reverse Trendelenburg. .

Hospital bed

Full fowler manual bed, the most basic bed in our portfolio. 

Semi fowler bed with commode

Toilet bed is useful for bedridden patients, a bed with commode facilities.


Varieties of wheelchairs available for indoor and outdoor use, recliner wheelchairs available on request. .

Commode wheelchair

Bedside commode wheelchair with bucket, can be converted to wheelchair for outdoor use by removing bucket. Commode wheelchairs are also adjustable with commode toilets. .

Commode Chair

Chair without wheel for bedside use.

Commode raiser

For raising the height of your commode toilet, 4” and 6” height raisers are available. .

Foam mattress for hospital bed

Folding foam mattress of medical grade & compatible with hospital beds, also adjustable with folding beds. .

Air Mattress

Primarily used for bedsore prevention, available with pump & main mattress. Types include bubble, tubular, CPR system, alpha and nimbus available for rent and purchase. .

Back rest for bed

All back rests compatible with manual & remote operated beds available with us - used with home beds to avail recliner facility when space is limited. .


Best quality walking aids for better mobility care.   

Bedside cabinet

To keep medicines, water and regularly used items for patients beside their beds for easy and quick access.

Saline (IV) Stand

Also called IV or infusion stand, it has multiple uses for infusion, syringe, & feeding pump stands. .

Food Table

It is a height-adjustable table with wheels so that it can easily go over patients on their bed for keeping food & other items.  It can be folded and kept aside when not in use..

Bathroom fittings