Hospital bed

Full fowler manual bed, the most basic bed in our portfolio. 

It is quite a headache to find a reliable supplier to have a hospital bed on rent in crowded cities like Kolkata. ICOSNO is doing this for years, with consistency and quality-conscious services they’ve gained a reputation for on-stop quality assurance and having a prompt supply chain. 

single bed could be a bespoke bed that has been designed to fulfill the wants of a hospital atmosphere. There are quite a few options that distinguish a single bed from a daily bed. the foremost fineness of a single bed is that it’s totally adjustable together with the highest and bottom of the bed.

They are adjustable so that they can be adjusted according to the patient and situation. It can be lower or raised so your loved one can stand safely. These beds make the use of walkers and wheelchairs easier. Hospital beds can vary in size, but the most common is around 80-90cm in width. If you are trying to determine whether a hospital bed will fit in a room you should use the external width. 

ICOSANO is a renowned & reputed company to offer medical instrument rental service  & a trusted supplier of hospital bed on rent in Kolkata. There are different types of HOSPITAL BEDS featured below, that we supply:


Full Fowler Hospital Bed On Rent (With Fiber Leg & Head Support)

NET Fowler beds square measure ergonomically designed, four-section perforated beds utilized for knee rest and support functions. These fowler beds are square measure equipped with simple lifting or collapsable aspect rails to confirm patient safety. Chrome steel or ABS square measure is used for the top and foot panels.>

Motorized 5 Function Icu Bed On Hire

A 5-function home single bed has five changes. they’re generally head (or back), foot, height, Trendelenburg and reverse Trendelenburg changes. Adjustable beds, in distinction, feature mechanisms that enable occupants and caregivers to switch the bed’s form, height, and even the angle of the bed’s surface.

Semi Fowler Bed (With Commode) On Sale

The beds, operated victimization cranks or motors, utilize either coincident, central, or individual braking systems. These fowler beds are equipped with straightforward lifting or folded facet rails to confirm patient safety. chrome steel or ABS are used for the pinnacle and foot panels.