Varieties of wheelchairs available for indoor and outdoor use, recliner wheelchairs available on request. 

Wheelchair Price In Kolkata

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Typically, wheelchairs have units of wheels. In a rear-wheel drive, the rear wheel is massive and can have a push rim for self-propulsion and the front wheels (casters) are small. This is the maximum not unusual place kind of wheelchair.

Wheelchairs offer multiplied mobility and independence for the person and their carer, permitting them to participate in ordinary activities, regardless of having decreased mobility. As properly as supporting you to perform everyday responsibilities with ease, a wheelchair gives many social and intellectual fitness benefits.

An appropriate wheelchair provides the user the freedom to move around, allowing the user to access day-to-day physical activity as they push around conducting activities of daily living increasing overall physical activity levels and day-to-day mobility. On the mental level also if the person can find a companion like this he/she can feel that independence again instead of depending on someone for every small move. This small step can make him more self-empowered and mentally healthy.

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Wheelchairs are built with the very quality generation possible to help facilitate the lives of human beings with the incapacity to walk. Due to the immoderate diploma of the technological generation, resources, and building capacity expenses are set higher than manual wheelchairs.
There are still options for every budget package. As an alternate option – ICOSANO is now also available if you need a wheelchair for rent. It is a pocket-friendly and headache-less solution. We can listen to your requirements, understand the budget matter and suggest you the perfect condition/ deal according to your need.

Although there are so many categories under both Manual and Powered wheelchairs – we hereby mentioned an average idea. Hope this will give an idea about where it can go maximum. Just give us a call and our experts will be able to assist you properly and offer a solution for every individual’s different requirement.

Type of wheelchair Cost
Manual wheelchair: Rs.5,000 onwards
Powered wheelchair: Rs.45,000 onwards

Self-propelled wheelchairs may be propelled with the aid of using customers themselves with the aid of using the use of push-rims equipped on rear wheels. They additionally include pushing handles, which makes it smooth to be driven with the aid of using any other person, if want be. Their large rear wheels are a bonus when you want to push the chair over an obstacle.